SETYM, whose trainings are accredited by the Government of Quebec (Canada), has developed a coherent set of training seminars aimed at project development managers (coordinators), their administrative teams and civil servants of emerging and developing countries. These training programmes are linked so as to meet the management needs of governments, major donors and development aid agencies.

Expert in Capacity Building

Founded in 1988, SETYM International is a Canadian company specializing in capacity building (training and technical support). SETYM is an internationally renowned market leader. The company capitalizes on the expertise and experience of several distinguished partners and experts.

SETYM International has four training centers : Headquarters in Montreal (Canada), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Marrakesh (Morocco).

SETYM also offers training seminars and technical assistance on request, in the various countries of our clients. These services are adapted to the specific needs and context of the project or institution.


This is the first real education that is applicable to my business and daily activities with detailed planning. SETYM to me should be a must for all managerial professionals G. A. ROBERTS, Nigeria

Photo Gallery

Official photo of the Training Seminar in Procurement of Goods and Services: Best Practices Official photo of the Training Seminar on Project Management, Monitoring and Control Official photo of the Training Seminar on Results-Based Management (RBM) and Performance Measurements Official photo of the Training Seminar on Planning and Delivery of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Official photo of the Development Training for Administrative and Executive Assistant Official photo of the training in Audit and Control of Projects and Programmes