30 years in the service of capacity building development

This year, SETYM International is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Since its creation, SETYM has focused on capacity building and has contributed to the success of development projects. We are partners of governments and donors who invest in the development of the men and women responsible for these projects. These managers have been actively involved in the implementation of reforms and changes in their countries for 30 years. We share with them our expertise and know-how in order to increase their performance and achieve the goals of poverty reduction, growth and good governance.

Our team is proud of the results achieved so far and the mark we have left both on institutional and on individual level. For 3 decades, more than 20,000 executives from 115 countries have been trained at SETYM. It is an honor to see that many of them have moved on in their careers to reach the highest levels of the state. Our participants attest to their satisfaction and appreciation as evidenced by the annual rate of reenrollment. In fact, 30% of our groups are constituted of former participants who wish to re-live the SETYM experience.

In a context of rationalization of resources, the “training” budget is often sacrificed. Nevertheless, the best investment of an institution lies in building the capacity of its human resources. Its staff is its main asset. Human resources are central to the development, sustainability and growth of any organization. There is a strong need to continue to support the countries to build their capacity, especially since development projects require high-level skills, including project management, procurement, governance and sustainable development.

On behalf of our team, I want to thank all our participants for their loyalty as well as the governments and donors for their trust.

To mark this 30th anniversary, SETYM International will organize several contests in its training centers and it will make a donation to UNICEF Canada to support children’s education. You can contribute along with us by attending one of our seminars this year. The more participants will attend our courses this year, the larger the amount donated will be.

Looking forward to welcoming you to one of our centers!

Yours sincerely,
Larbi Bennouna
Chief Executive Officer