Trainings and know-how of an institution that has been evolving since 1988 and having trained more than 32,000 participants from 115 countries.

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2021 Calendar (PDF)
Online Training Seminars2021 Programme
Regular Seminars2021 Programme
Our Clientele

SETYM has developed a coherent set of training seminars aimed at project development managers (coordinators), their administrative teams and civil
servants of emerging and developing countries. These training programmes are linked so as to meet the management needs of governments, major donors and development aid agencies.

Recognized Training

The excellence of our training is recognized by the Government of Quebec (Canada).

Emphasis on Practice

SETYM’s training seminars focus through a training-consulting approach on practice and skills learning. Almost 60% of the seminar is reserved for applications (exercises, case studies, skills development, use of project management software, etc.). In order to fully capitalize on their training opportunity, participants are invited to bring documentation of the project that they are involved in and that is relevant for the specific course they are attending. Our consultants strive to adapt general concepts to the participants’ specific situations.

Training Schedule

Training seminars take place five days a week (Monday through Friday) six hours per day. Daily coffee and lunch breaks are offered, resulting in friendly exchanges between participants, trainers and SETYM staff. Weekends are spent on sightseeing excursions led by our teams.

Training Certificate

At the end of the seminar, SETYM hands out a Training Certificate to each participant. To receive the Certificate, the participants must attend all the modules of the course they registered to and comply with all academic requirements.