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Regional Sahel Pastoralism Support Project

In 2018, Africa, Project Managementby llebrun

Training seminar in Computerized Project Planning and the Mastering of MS-Project

Regional Sahel Pastoralism Support Project
March 15 to 19, 2018

Services rendus
A five day training was provided to members and partners of the Project Coordination Unit (PCU) in Computerized Project Planning and the mastering of MS-Project.

Objectifs spécifiques

▪ Strengthen the participants’ abilities in the execution phase of project management.▪ Strengthen the professional skills of managers and agents of PRAPS.▪ Use of trained staffs to transfer their acquired knowledge.

« I will use these tools in my activities that are part of the intervention, the environmental and social safeguard. But also when monitoring the implementation of recommendations and studies in this area. It will also be useful to me in my field. » « The simplicity with which the trainer made the software easy to understand despite the fact that at first it seemed complicated. The consultant was competent, professional, dynamic and proactive with the participants. » « SETYM is an institution that develops the computer system at work and promotes the good performance in the sphere of project management. »