Séminaire en Planification opérationnelle et utilisation du logiciel MS Project - Photo officielle

Skills Development Project to achieve Growth (PRODEC)

In 2016, Africa, Project Managementby llebrun

Training seminar in Operational Planning and MS Project

Skills Development Project to achieve Growth (PRODEC)
January 18 29, 2016

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Capacity Building training seminar of 2 weeks for eighteen (18) Senior Officers and Program / Project Managers working within PRODEC as part of the Capacity Building Plan at Component 3 of the project and under the AWPB. The seminar was designed to strengthen the skills of operational staff and planners by equipping them with an appropriate approach and instrumentation. The use of computerized planning and monitoring and control software (including Microsoft Project) makes it possible to better structure the project, to develop a logical and appropriate hierarchy and to carry out the operational monitoring of the work and in particular the procurement activities steps.

Objectifs spécifiques

▪ Develop a logical approach and process for mastering project implementation.▪ Master the main planning and monitoring techniques to better control the implementation of project components and activities.▪ Integrate procurement activities into operational planning.▪ Use specialized software (like Microsoft Project) for project monitoring and control.▪ Apply the principles of operational planning, monitoring and control with relevant tools and software.

“Theories were accompanied by clear practices and examples.” “I enjoyed seeing how a pilot project can be completed on time, on cost and delivering the expected output.” “As part of the implementation of our action plan, MS Project is truly effective. This allows you to see clearly and handle costs, tasks, resources, deadlines, and so on.” « After the budgetary planning we do, the biggest job remains the monitoring of implementation. So this training will be an invaluable contribution to monitoring.”