Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Ltd. (ZESCO)

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Training seminar in Integrated Risk Management for the Public Service

Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Ltd. (ZESCO)
July 13 24, 2015

Services rendus
Short-term intensive training to staff of Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Ltd. (ZESCO).

Objectifs spécifiques

▪ Enable participants to become active multipliers for establishing an Integrated Risk Management approach in the public service or agencies.▪ Understand the needs for an institution-wide integrated Risk Management approach.▪ Develop integrated, multi-level Risk Management governance structures (policy, framework and manuals) based on standards and best practices.▪ Master analytical tools for risks assessment and risks portfolio management.▪ Evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency of both the Risk Management processes and the Risk Management system.

“The program was wide and covered all the parts of risk management.” “I will apply risk management in a number of structures in my work.”