Planning and Delivery of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

Public Private Partnerships (PPP) represent a contractual model where the public authority calls upon private firms to build, finance and operate infrastructure or equipment that provide public services (transportation, health, municipal services, water and sewerage, etc). The seminar will help participants to better understand the PPP financing model in the context of developing and emerging countries and enhance their capacity to implement it.

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August 15 to August 26, 2022
Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
10 days
$US 5200

Practical Objectives

Develop an operational perspective of the life-cycle and management process of PPP projects.

Master the tools for analysing and comparing different organisational options: PPP or conventional structures.

Familiarize the participants with the procurement and contractual environment of the PPP.

Training Seminar Topics

Basics of the PPP

Origins of P3. PPP as a controversial concept. PFI and privatization. Strategic decisions. Project life-cycle for public investments. Financing, building and running. Costs-benefit analysis: PPP financed projects versus the traditional public financing and operating approach. A multi-criteria framework. Budgetary, technical, legal, socio-political and environmental constraints of PPP financed projects.

Roles and Responsibilities of PPP Stakeholders

Consortia, engineering firms, construction companies, service providers, banks, governments, public entities, and users.

Risk Management and Risk Transfer

The different risks: institutional, construction-related, and implementation; completion risks; technical and operational risks; procurement risks. Transferring risk from public to private sector. Is it really transferred? Case studies.

Contractual Framework for PPP Projects

Procurement under PPP. Different types of PPP contractual agreements; the financing contract, the design and the construction contract, the operations contract; management of sub-contractors and users.

Reality-Check and Recent Experiences

African, French, British and Quebec experience. Evaluation of recent PPP projects: lessons learned and best practices.