Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Ltd. (ZESCO)

In 2015, Africa, Public Procurement by llebrun

Training Seminar in Contract Management and Disbursement Monitoring

Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Ltd. (ZESCO)
October 26 November 6, 2015

Services rendus
Short-term intensive training to staff of Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Ltd. (ZESCO).

Objectifs spécifiques

▪ Define the legal framework for projects financed by multilateral agencies.▪ Conceptualize operational contract management.▪ Understand all required steps to be followed to put a well-managed disbursement process system in place.▪ Prepare a disbursement management plan.▪ Enhance the participants’ skills using management software tools for planning, budgeting and monitoring project procurement and disbursement.

“This seminar has equipped me with useful knowledge to plan and manage projects and to get to know how to use MS Project more effectively.” “The seminar has been an eye opener. I have done a module on contract and commercial management during my MBA. However, the details from the seminar have been very specific and practical and would be put to use immediately.” “Everything learned is applicable to my day to day work on projects, from project planning, preparation, WBS, procurement contract planning, dispute resolution, monitoring and control, to MS Project.”