Ministry of Water

In 2015, Africa, Public Procurementby llebrun

Three (3) training seminars in Contract Management and Disbursement Monitoring

Ministry of Water
April 13 July 17, 2015

Services rendus
3 short-term intensive training seminars in Contract Management to 70 staff of the Ministry of Water.

Objectifs spécifiques

▪ Define the legal framework for projects financed by multilateral agencies.▪ Conceptualize operational contract management.▪ Understand all required steps to be followed to put a well-managed disbursement process system in place.▪ Prepare a disbursement management plan.▪ Enhance the participants’ skills using management software tools for planning, budgeting and monitoring project procurement and disbursement.

“SETYM trainers are serious, well experienced and professional.” “SETYM teaches practical issues while other institutions are more theoretical and academic oriented.” “Most of the techniques and knowledge shared together were exactly the same as the challenges I face daily in contract management.”