Séminaire en Management des Partenariats public-privé PPP : préventions et gestion des réclamations et litiges - Photo officielle

Agence des Travaux et de Gestion des Routes (AGEROUTE)

In 2016, Africa, Public Procurement by llebrun

Training Seminar in Management of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP): Prevention and Management of Claims and Litigation

Agence des Travaux et de Gestion des Routes (AGEROUTE)
February 8 19, 2016

Services rendus
10-day training to strengthen public governance skills in engineers and project managers at the Agence des Travaux et de Gestion des Routes (AGEROUTE). To meet AGEROUTE’s specific needs, the proposed training includes a component on reducing claims and risks in the PPP project-management process. Claims and risks have many potential causes: financial risks, construction risks, legal issues, political risks, social acceptability issues, etc.

Objectifs spécifiques

▪ Understand the origins, principles, advantages and disadvantages of projects financed by PPP agreements.▪ Develop an operational perspective on the lifecycle and managerial processes of PPP projects.▪ Develop mastery of the tools used to analyze and compare different financing solutions, whether through PPP or using a conventional method.▪ Use tools for risk identification, analysis and management in order to parcel out responsibilities and monitor risks.▪ Foster participant understanding of the contractual environment surrounding PPP agreements.

“Senegal is planning major PPP infrastructure projects, and this training allowed me to develop an understanding of the new PPP project management tools.” “The training provided me with clear specifications on the different modes of acquisition, the benefits and drawbacks, and the different steps involved in PPP, and how to manage risks.” “I am part of a motorway project management team using a turnkey solution. The knowledge I acquired on risk management will no doubt serve me well in my role as a legal assistant for the Project Director.”