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Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Ltd. (ZESCO)

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Training Seminar in Project Management, Monitoring and Control

Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Ltd. (ZESCO)
July 16 to 27, 2018

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20 officers have attended this 10 day training. The global objective is to improve the officers’ ability to identify and implement all the necessary activities to achieve specified targets, to detect problems or possible overruns early on in the execution by using clear project status reports.

Objectifs spécifiques

▪ Develop a logical approach and process for mastering project implementation.▪ Increase the participants’ understanding and make appropriate use of the best known tools and techniques for planning, scheduling, budgeting and controlling a project.▪ Use specialized software (like Microsoft Project) for project monitoring and control.

« The contents of the training was well tailored to the Africa region and as a company in this region, the training was best laid out. » « My planning skills have been enhanced, enabling me to view things differently and in a better way. The software was excellently taught. » « The concept of creating groups and having them execute their project in MS Project as the training progressed was a great idea and a plus; it is an effective way of transferring the much needed skills in project planning, monitoring and control. »