Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Ltd. (ZESCO)

In 2015, Africa, Project Management by llebrun

Training seminar in Programmes and Projects Budgeting and Cost Control

Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Ltd. (ZESCO)
July 27 August 7, 2015

Services rendus
Short-term intensive training to staff of Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Ltd. (ZESCO).

Objectifs spécifiques

▪ Understand how a performance-based framework contributes to improvements in budgeting.▪ Provide participants with the necessary skills to plan budgets and disbursement schedules for programmes and projects.▪ Increase the skills of participants in using software for budgetary management and cost control.▪ Assist participants in the development of appropriate performance and control reports.▪ Facilitate budgetary and financial decision-making in programmes and projects.

“The training has been very beneficial and will help me in executing my duties.” “The seminar was good and was conducted in a good environment. The facilitator was excellent.”