Séminaire en Planification opérationnelle et contrôle de projet et programme - Photo officielle

Ministry of Posts and Digital Economy

In 2016, Africa, Project Management by llebrun

Training seminar in Project Management, Monitoring and Control

Ministry of Posts and Digital Economy
March 14 25, 2016

Services rendus
A training seminar in Project Management, Monitoring and Control was delivered to the staff of the Office of the President of the Republic of Togo and the Ministry of Post and Digital Economy.

Objectifs spécifiques

▪ Develop a logical approach and process for mastering project implementation.▪ Increase the participants’ understanding and make appropriate use of the best known tools and techniques for planning, scheduling, budgeting and controlling a project.▪ Use specialized software (like Microsoft Project) for project monitoring and control.

« The training will enable me to develop a good M&E mechanism and an effective management of my resources (internal and external). MsProject will also enable me to better monitor the disbursements on the project I manage. » «The operational planning: the tools that have been taught were perfectly in line with the management of a development project funded by a donor. » «I appreciated the practical approach and especially the direct application of facts with the software. The course dynamic and the logical approach. »