Seminar on The Essentials of Project Management - Official Picture

Civil Service Agency (CSA)

In 2016, Africa, Project Managementby llebrun

Training seminar in The Essentials of Project Management

Civil Service Agency (CSA)
April 11 15, 2016

Services rendus
Short-term intensive training in the Essentials of Project Management to 3 staff members of the Civil Service Agency (CSA).

Objectifs spécifiques

▪ Consolidate project management knowledge.▪ Get an overview of project management best practices.▪ Master the fundamentals and the processes of the project cycle from project initiation to project termination or closure.

“The skills acquired in the training will contribute to my job in a very significant manner. My skills have been upgraded in project and institutional planning. Most interestingly, I appreciate the software training in WBS. These skills would make planning very easy and efficient. I would also recommend the course be extended for additional one week in order to enable participants grasp and have practical understanding of its usage and application.” “The course presentation was excellent, the material was very good and the SETYM International (Malaysia) term in charge of the training did an excellent job. The food, classroom and the facilities was all good. I will take my knowledge and the lessons learned to Liberia, to make an impact in the PSMP Project currently being managed by the Civil Service Agency.”