Séminaire en Gestion des projets et programmes : planification, exécution et contrôle - Photo officielle

Ministry of Finance

In 2016, Africa, Project Management by llebrun

Training Seminar in Project Management, Monitoring and Control

Democratic Republic of Congo
Ministry of Finance
August 15 26, 2016

Services rendus
Short-term intensive training of 10-days for executives and agents of the Ministry of Finance of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Objectifs spécifiques

▪ Develop a logical approach and process for mastering project implementation.▪ Increase the participants’ understanding and make appropriate use of the best known tools and techniques for planning, scheduling, budgeting and controlling a project.▪ Use specialized software (like Microsoft Project) for project monitoring and control.

"The new acquired knowledge was essential for the rest of my career.” "The training gave me different tools that will serve me accomplish my tasks diligently. The new tools will help me in the search for solutions to daily problems, and also to effectively manage conflicts and time to achieve the objectives." "The concepts learned will be of great use in the execution of my work to the extent that I have gained a better understanding of technical terms and planning tools. If a new project is to be launched, I will know how to approach it."