Ministry of Public Services

In 2015, Africa, Management and Organisation, Project Management by llebrun

Strengthening Capacity of Young Professionals, future executives of Public Services, with training seminars in Leadership, Project Management and Results-Based Management

Democratic Republic of Congo
Ministry of Public Services
April 13 August 1, 2015 

Services rendus
6 days intense training per group (provided to 16 groups) of young professionals, future executives of Public Services.

Objectifs spécifiques

▪ Developing a global perspective of project management with a focus on proven and structured methodology, project identification, planning, implementation and project and program closure.▪ Understanding and applying Management for Results principles; the logical step from problem definition, understanding the chain of results, the development of indicators for the evaluation of results and the production of final evaluation reports.▪ Developing a sensibility to risk management and stakeholders.▪ Knowing the issues and constraints of fiduciary management in a multi-donor funding environment with national counterpart and production AWPBs (Work Program and Annual Budget).▪ Acquire basic knowledge of public procurement: the terms, risks and its impacts in PTBA development.▪ Mastering the key techniques and areas of planning and monitoring in order to exercise greater control over the performance of the components and activities of projects.▪ Introducing project team management and leadership concepts.▪ Bringing the participant to observe its organizational behavior and to develop a reflection on ways to improve his personality for an effective integration of the workplace environment.