Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Ltd. (ZESCO)

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Training Seminar in Contract Management and Disbursement Monitoring

Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Ltd. (ZESCO)
September 17 to 21, 2018

Services rendus
15 officers have attended this 10 day training. The global objective is to improve the officers’ ability to understand the legal framework, to master the operations related to the implementation of contracts and to develop a financial management system, more specifically oriented towards the disbursement process.

Objectifs spécifiques

▪ Define the legal framework for projects financed by multilateral agencies.▪ Conceptualize operational contract management.▪ Understand all required steps to be followed to put a well-managed disbursement process system in place.▪ Prepare a disbursement management plan.▪ Enhance the participants’ skills using management software tools for planning, budgeting and monitoring project procurement and disbursement.

« The course is a good initiative by management and the facilitator answered all our questions. I hope the recommendations put forward by the group will be taken into consideration. » « Course content will definitely help with my ability to interface with Projects teams providing a service. My expectations were met then I will also be able to utilize training for maintenance works planning. » « Jean-Claude has an excellent understanding of the topics and shared valuable experiences relevant to the training. »