Séminaire en Gestion et exploitation des statistiques des finances publiques - Photo officielle

Ministry of Finance

In 2016, Africa, Public Governance by llebrun

Training on Managing and Processing Government Finance Statistics

Democratic Republic of the Congo
Ministry of Finance
September 19 30, 2016

Services rendus
Ten-day training programme for managers and employees in the Research and Planning Directorate of the Ministry of Finance for the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Objectifs spécifiques

▪ Understand basic statistical principles and rules and their concrete implementation.▪ Learn about the main IMF standards on government finance statistics and data dissemination.▪ Enable the participants to identify and develop relevant indicators and data as well as statistical briefing notes required for the effective monitoring of government finance.▪ Establish a suitable system and procedures for the production of statistical information by the Ministry of Finance.▪ Know how to use productivity software (Excel, Access) and specific statistical tools interacting with the State's information systems.

"This new knowledge will allow me to improve my analytical capacities and identify relevant information to be provided to the Ministry of Finance to improve the decision-making process". "This new knowledge will help us improve the production and development of government finance statistics. In addition, the new Excel applications will enable us to better present our graphs and tables in our studies and analyses". "This training truly enhanced our knowledge by providing us with IMF standards on government finance statistics".