Our people are our most important asset. Over the years, they have enriched our business by sharing their knowledge, expertise, personality, imagination and enthusiasm. They have shaped SETYM International’s culture.



MBA, PMP, Procurement and Business Administration Specialist
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SETYM International, Expert in Public Procurement.



M. Sc. Project Management, PMP
Director of professional services, consultant in project management, monitoring and evaluation and Results-Based Management

Ioana Suciu

B.A. Linguistics and Literature
Africa, Asia and the Caribbean
Customer Service and Business Development

Véronique Brissonnaud

Central Africa, Madagascar and Haiti
Customer Service and Business Development

Ingrid Martin

Senior Coordinator
North and West Africa
Customer Service and Business Development

Isabelle Garceau

Administrative & Financial Controller
Administrative Support

Geneviève Émond

Business Developpment Coordinator
Customer Service and Business Developement

Customer Service and Business Development

Nadia Berkane

Administrative Assistant

Julia Garcia-Prat

Communication and Marketing

Melissa Maughn

Training Program Advisor

Denise Mouele

Administrative Assistant

Bhavna Rambhujun

Administrative Assistant

Layla Rojas

Training Program Advisor

Julie Rollinger

Training Program Advisor

Floriane Ferlet

General Administration Assistant


Caroline Bourque

General Administration

Line Godin


Jonathan Arcouette

IT Technician



M. Sc. Education
Expert Consultant in Andragogy and use of ICT’s


M. Project Management, B.A.A., PMP
Consultant specialised in international Project Management, planning, monitoring and control, Results-Based Management (RBM), expert in public procurement, procurement auditing and control.


ing./Eng., M.Sc., PMP
Engineer and Project Management and Results-based Management (RBM) expert.

Murielle BOUCHER

CPA, CGA, M. Sc. Accounting, Certificate in Information Management Systems

Karen DIAZ,

M. Education
Human Resource Management Advisor, Specialist in cultural diversity.


M. Project Management, agrologist, PM
Consultant specializing in Results Based Management (RBM) and Project Management, Project Planning, Budgeting and Monitoring, Agronologist, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Monitoring.


EMBA, Eng., B. Sc. and founder of 5i Strategic Affairs
Consultant for SETYM International, expert in team management, strategic planning and change management.

Pierre-André HUDON

Ph. D., Master in Management, B. Com.
Consultant in Public Procurement, Expert in Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

Danielle LABERGE

Ph. D., IAS. A..
Professor and consultant in leadership, conflict management, interpersonal communication, organizational development and good governance.


Master in Public Administration (MPA), PMP
Specialized Consultant in Public Governance, Project and Programme Management and in Results Based Management (RBM)

Laurence LeBrun-Julien

M. Project Management, B.A. International Relations and Law
Development and Marketing Coordinator
Business Development

Harald MODIS

MBA, Eng., Certificate in Project Management, PMP
Consultant specialized in project management, monitoring and evaluation, budgeting and finance.


Ph. D. in Economy

Jean-Claude PIERI

M. Project Management, M. Sc. Physic, PMP
Consultant for SETYM International, expert in Public Procurement and Contract Management.

Marie-Douce PRIMEAU

Ph. D. in Public Administration (Health), PMP
Consultant for SETYM International, expert in Monitoring and Evaluation, Results-Based Management and project Management.

Kenneth SANVI

M. Project Management, PMP
Procurement and Business Administration Specialist.

Johanne ST-ONGE

BIOP, Master Adm., CRHA
President of RHRE Consulting Firm and Human resources expert

Jamshid UMAROV

M. Sc. International Business, B.A. International Economics Relations
Consultant specialised in conducting trainings in procurement of goods, works and consulting services under Development Banks financed projects, public procurement, e-procurement and contract management in English and Russian.

Joshua ZAATO

Ph. D. in Public Administration/Management, MPA
Consultant specialised in public administration and political sciences, expert public policies and in Public-Private Partnership (PPP).