Public Procurement Accreditation Award Ceremony by SETYM International, in Benin

BENIN: The Professional Accreditation Award Ceremony was a success!

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On Thursday, October 3rd, the official ceremony of handing over 239 professional accreditations was hosted in Cotonou.

Executives, managers, officials, delegates and specialists involved in the public procurement chain met with Mr. Larbi Bennouna, CEO of SETYM International, who was present at the ceremony.

In collaboration with the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (ARMP) of Benin, SETYM International completed an assistance mandate, aimed at the professionalization and institutionalization of the body of specialists in public procurement.

This mandate was carried out from April to October 2019, as part of the Public Investment Management and Governance Support Project (PAGIPG) funded by the World Bank.

Managers who met the requirements of the programs and passed the exam were accredited as follows:

- 160 accreditations in Public Procurement,
- 55 accreditations in Public Procurement Audit and
- 29 accreditations in Public Procurement Regulation.

SETYM International congratulates the newly accredited managers of Benin and welcomes the success of the event which was broadly covered in the Beninese press!