Graduation ceremony at the National Institute of Statistics (DRC) - Cocktail

SISE: Graduation ceremony at the National Institute of Statistics

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In 2011, the Ministry of Finance of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) called on the SETYM International – Land Resources group to set up a computerized monitoring and evaluation (SISE) system. The objective of the Ministry of Finance was to provide the country with a system that could consolidate information from donor-funded projects and provide the government with reports to monitor their progress and provide a basis for decision making.

The training took place during the months of March-April 2017 in two stages: a first training course for the administrators of the SISE, while the second wave was intended for the users of the software. SETYM International’s teaching methodology was designed to make it easier to integrate SISE skills. Thus, the theory and practice on the SISE were carried out alternately. In addition, the scheduling of the modules respected the natural rhythm of the project management phases (identification, planning, execution and closure), enabling participants to more easily link the theory to their practice in the context of their work .

The graduation ceremony took place on Friday 5 May 2017 at INS, the National Institute of Statistics of the DRC in the commune of Limete.

SETYM International congratulates all the recipients of the training certificate and wishes them an excellent continuation in the course of their journeys.