We are located on the 10th floor of 85 Sainte-Catherine West.
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Rooms: Capacity and Layout
Our rooms are spacious, light and ideal for learning and exchange. Featuring multiple layouts, sizes and capabilities, our team will provide the best option for your event.
La salle Érable
La salle Babobab
Salle Tualang
Érable + Baobab
Les salles Érable et Baobab
La salle Saman
La salle Saman festive
Rental costs
The half-day corresponds to a period of 4 hours and the entire day to a period of 8 hours.


  • Wireless Internet connection (200 Mb/s)
  • Projector
  • Screen

Also available on request:

  • Flipchart
  • Microphone
  • Sound system
  • 360 degree camera
  • Dishes

* Additional charges may apply for security service on evenings (starting at 5pm) and weekends.

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Coffee breaks and meals

The Saman room is equipped with high tables and a large service counter.

Its view of Royal Mount and the entertainement disctrict makes it a place of distinction for your events!

À la carte

Multiple options available for combination :

  • Coffee, Juice, Soda, Tea and Herbal tea;
  • Pastries, Chocolate, and Cookies;
  • Cheese Platter with Fruits;
  • Lunch;
  • Dessert.

Contact us for prices and details.

La salle Saman
Turnkey package
  • Room adapted to your needs;
  • Presenter computer, projection screen, flip chart, printer;
  • Coffee break;
  • Lunch area.
Hall de SETYM International
Tailor-made package

Let us know your needs and let our team handle the logistics of your event!

Salle Saman en fête
Computer Lab

Formula including one laptop per participant, the services of a computer technician and access to the printer.

Additional charge of $400 per four-hour block.

Véronique qui aide des apprenants avec les environnements informatiques.