SETYM International has a long track record in organizing tailor-made seminars. At the request of institutions, development projects, governments or donors, all the training programmes offered by SETYM can be delivered in your country, at venues of your choice, at any time and adapted to your specific needs.

The total budget varies according to the length, number of trainers and incidental expenses. It is a package, which allows you to train the maximum number of people at the least cost.

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How to ask for a tailor-made / on-site training seminar

Define your terms of reference

You can also select one or more training themes from the trainings we offer in our training centers that we will adapt to your needs.

Decide on the time period for each training programme

Decide on the number of participants.

We recommend groups of between 6 and 20 people maximum in order to guarantee quality of learning and knowledge transfer.

Decide on the venue for the training programme.

From experience, we recommend that these on-site training programmes are organized as far as possible from participants’ places of work. It is important that participants are away from their day-to-day occupations and concerns in order to maximize the benefits of learning. We can also organize tailor-made training programmes for your group at one of our training centers in Montreal, Boston, Kuala Lumpur or Marrakesh.

Decide who will be responsible for the logistics of the seminar.

Normally, the contracting institution takes charge of on-site logistics (conference room, coffee breaks, breakfasts, local transportation, etc.). However, at the client’s request, SETYM can take charge of the logistical aspects and provide a turnkey service.

Send us your request for proposal:

    • Send an email to or;
    • Call SETYM International at +1 (514) 939.2200.

SETYM will submit a proposal in accordance with your terms of reference.

Carry out the contractual and administrative procedures.

Customization of the seminar:

the consultant will contact you before the start of the seminar to adjust the content, if necessary.

Learn, apply and share

with one or more skilled trainers who will address the specific challenges of your institution/project. Advanced tools, active learning and use of your own documents will enable you immediately to put your new skills into practice.

Receipt of evaluation report and recommendations written by SETYM International.